ZTY series high precision auto voltage regulator power supply mainly consists of contact auto-transformer, servomotor and automatic control circuit. When grid voltage Is unstable or load varies, au tomatlc control circuit drives the servo motor in compliance with variety of output voltage,adjustscarbon brush position on the contact auto-transformer.makes output voltage adjusted to be rated value and reaches a steady state. ZTY series products Introduce advanced technology, adopt energy-saving ring transformer and use Integrated circuit and high quality components, which make them featuredwllh small footprin~ Ilg ht weight, high-efficiency and energy-saving, no additional distortion of output waveform, stable performance and reliability. Features
  • High adaptabt Illy to all kinds of non-1 lnear load such as inductive load and capacitive load
  • High power density, high cost-effective, wide application
  • Ring transformer structure, small footprint, minimum magnetic leakage, low noise
  • Multilayer structure carbon brush with long service time and convenient dally maintenance
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