ZTY Three Phase
ZTY Three Phase


When the utility is not stable or the load fluctuates, the Automatic Control Circuit modifies the Control Output according to the Output Voltage change of power supply, which is used to drive the Servo Motor, and then the Servo Motor adjusts the carbon brush of Auto-Transformer to maintain the Output Voltage at its rating and remain stable.
Input :
Voltage Range 277~433VAC
Phase Three Phase+N+GND
Power Factor 0.6
Output :
Voltage 380V
Voltage Precision ±3%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Over-voltage Protection Output Phase Voltage 250V±5V
Low-voltage Protection Output Phase Voltage 183V±5V
Efficiency 96.00%
VA Rating :
VA Rating 3KVA / 6KVA / 10KVA / 15KVA / 20KVA / 30KVA
Others :
Display Model LED Direction Light, Finger Voltage Diagram
Input/Output Device Terminal
Waveform Distortion on No Affixation Waveform Distortion
Response Time ±10% Varies <1s
Insulation Resistance 2MΩ
Anti-electricy Intension Low Frequency Sine Voltage 1500V Take 1 minute No Rout and Camber Phenomenon
Ambient Temperature 0ËšC ~ 40ËšC
Relative Humidity 95.00%
Working Continue
Physical :
Dimension(DxWxH) mm 3KVA 480×200×395 6KVA / 10KVA 350×330×702 15KVA / 20KVA 380×330×4752 30KVA 400×530×732
Measure(DxWxH) mm 3KVA 555×260×505 6KVA / 10KVA 435×460×790 15KVA / 20KVA 420×555×840 30KVA 500×635×830
Net Weight (kg) 3KVA 14.5 6KVA 35 10KVA 37 15KVA 51 20KVA 58 30KVA 95
Gross Weight (kg) 3KVA 16.8 6KVA 37.6 10KVA 40 15KVA 54.2 20KVA 61.6 30KVA 105

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