EPI 6K~40kVA
6~40kVA 3:1 phase PF: 0.8


Features High reliability design
  • Double Conversion on-line design, which makes the output a pure sine wave source with tracking frequency, phase-lock and voltage regulation, noise suppression, and without power fluctuation interference, providing the load with more comprehensive protection.
  • Zero transfer time of output, satisfies high standard power requirements of precision equipment,

  • Modular design and dual-CPU control, high reliability and stability ensure the safe operation and high efficiency, High reliability during operation Pure online static bypass technology, provides a strong protection against overload and fault.
  • Built-in manual maintenance bypass, further improves the reliability of continuous operation.
  • Wide input range
  • The range of AC input voltage is 380V ± 20%, thereby it reduces the battery using frequency and greatly extending the battery life.
  • Wide input frequency range, ensure all types of fuel generators connected work stable, Optimization of high-performance battery
  • Adapt intelligent battery management( ABM ) technology, thus it extends battery life and reduces battery maintenance times.
  • Advanced CC(constant current) I CV(constant voltage) auto-conversion charging technology maximizes the activation of cells, thus it saves the charging time and extending the battery life.
  • Comprehensive and reliable protection Self-diagnosis function before start-up , avoid the risks that the failure may lead to. The multi-protections such as overload, short-circuit, over-temperature, battery under voltage, battery over-charge and so on greatly ensure the system stability and reliability. Strong Redundancylparallel ability
  • Some units can be directly connected in parallel, increasing the scalability of the system.


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